Yochen Verbeeck

Where do you come from Yochen?

I currently reside in Heist op den Berg, Belgium.

Where do you work?

I work as a bartender at Cocktails at Nine.

Could you tell us a bit more about your career in the hospitality industry?

A few years ago I started a little business with my best friend. We organized Gin and Tonic tastings with foodpairing. What I liked most about this is seeing the people enjoy and having a good time. Those were the moments I knew I liked hospitality. During those years I bought everything i could buy that had something to do with cocktails and bartending. I experimented, read and learned a lot. In the summer of 2017 we opened a pop up cocktailbar in my hometown “Heist op den Berg”. The cocktailscene isn’t big there so we wanted to make a wake up call. In April 2018 we’re opening our own cocktailbar so it was a great success. What makes me stand out from the rest? I’m very new, so all I can do is learn from the best. I’m not giving up until I’m with the best!

Why do you think you have what it takes to become the new Glassologist?

I’m going to be the new Glassology Contest winner because in everything I do, I see inspiration for cocktails and glassware. In every store or vintage market i look for glassware. The cocktail experience isn’t only the combination of flavors. The combination of flavors and glassware are so much more than a drink. I always wanted to create something elegant and robust at the same time, something that is truly timeless. That’s why I created ‘The Gatsby’ I want to show my passion for spirits and mixers to my clients. I’m very new in the cocktailscene, but my creativity is the engine of my life. My eager to learn is huge. That in combination with my perfectionism will give a very good year as Ambassador of Libbey Glasswear.