Leó Ólafsson

Where do you come from Leó?

I currently reside in Odense, Denmark.

Where do you work?

I work as a Bar Manager Privaten.

Could you tell us a bit more about your career in the hospitality industry?

I have decided to dedicate my life to this industry. I am currently learning hospitality event management and what I have already learned after few months, I have applied to the industry. I tend to carry on with that becoming a valuable player in the community of bartenders and inspire others. I’ve done well in competitions and I’ve had my fair share of failures. Having a great team behind you has always helped, I want to prioritize teamwork to be one of our cornerstones in hospitality. I keep on competing to develop myself and to encourage others to participate. Because I have found that the feeling of seeing someone you taught reach a milestone is so much more rewarding than reaching it alone. So why I think I stand out from the rest is because I‘ve put so much effort to get where I am today, sinking my self into knowledge, applying it and sharing. I have no intention of stopping and the world can keep on putting barriers in my way, which I can then learn to go around.

Why do you think you have what it takes to become the new Glassologist?

I have a great influence on my co-works, fellow students, and family. I’m the man who drives people through the thick of it and encourages them to improve in a positive way. I’ve always looked at competitions as a team effort, I brought other people into this competition with me to do the task at hand, creating a wider perspective and utilizing their skills with mine. I try to share my well going with others and lead by an example. I’m going to do my best in this competition, learn from it and share my experience with others. I think that is why I could win.