General Information - FAQ

  • Since 1818 Libbey, part of Libbey inc., has been the glassware brand for professionals. Libbey Inc. produces glass tableware in 5 countries and sells their products in over 100 countries. More than 1 billion pieces are produced and sold every year. The Libbey brand is an authentic brand that feels very strongly about quality and is known for its durability. Libbey offers the most extensive line of glassware in the industry to serve all the needs of each market. Professionals choose Libbey, because they can spend an entire career trusting on the glassware.

  • The selection of the right glass has become equally important as the drink it contains. That is why glassware brand Libbey introduces those who work in the high-end drinks industry to Glassology by Libbey. Glassology separates drinks professionals from masters; it provides them a worldwide society and a platform that helps them move further, learn, connect, meet up with peers and get inspired. They are invited to participate in the Glassology design contest, with the chance to have their own glass design taken into production. With Glassology they enter a new guild. Because in the end, it’s the glass that brings it all together.

  • For communication purposes. During the contest we will send you updates and surprises.

  • You can send in your admission through creating a personal account.

  • Yes and No, this is a contest that focuses on the whole of Europe, South-Africa, Middle-East, Australia and New-Zealand. But, we do offer 1 wildcard for the other regions, if your design makes it to the best 25 designs that will be selected for the Semi-Final.

  • This competition is about creativity. The design of your glass doesn’t need to be technically correct yet. Once your design gets chosen to go through to the next round, Libbey’s technical experts will help you with making your design technically feasible.

  • Your design will be judged on the following selection criteria:

    Is it an unique glass/shape?
    Does it fit any cocktail trends?
    Does the glass look nice?
    Does the glass have specific glass features


    Which drinks can be made in the glass?
    Is it more than just a cocktail glass?

    Is it sellable / based on market needs or trends / target audience / longevity / extendable?

    Libbey core values:
    Does it fit the Libbey standards?

    Does the cocktail fit the glass?
    Quality of the cocktail.

    Presentation of the glass, cocktail, personality, understandability, etc.

    Name of the glass.

  • The costs you make to create your initial design will be at your own expense. Other than that, there are no fee’s involved in entering the Glassology contest.

  • Libbey needs your personal information to communicate with you during the contest.  If you have any questions or concerns about how we use your data, please review Libbey’s privacy policy at:

About the Contest - FAQ

  • The Glassology Design Contest focusses on bar professionals from the whole of Europe, South-Africa, Middle-East, Australia and New-Zealand. We do offer 1 wildcard to the semi-finals for the rest of the world, but only if the submitted design is truly one of the best 25 designs. The contestant has to be over 21 to participate in the Glassology Design Contest.

  • Please, check out our How-it-works page.

  • The semi-final will be 1 day. Different courses and Q&A sessions will be held. The final will also be 1 day. This is excluding travel time. Libbey will take care of travel arrangements.

  • We are looking for the best total drinking experience. This means the drink and the glass should complement each other. It’s not essential that you create a total new drink from scratch; it can be a twist on an existing drink. If you feel it’s necessary to create a completely new drink to compliment your glass, then: go for it! However, it could also be your much-loved soy-latté recipe, a smoothie recipe from your favorite chef, or your variation on an Old-fashioned.

  • Your design must be unique and most of all your own creation. We cannot accept your application for the contest if we find out that someone else has already thought of your design or even holds the rights to it.

  • Your design will be taken into production and distributed all over World.
    – Your name, together with the glass name you created will be name used in the production and communication
    – Libbey will provide you with 250 pieces of your own glass
    – You will have a guaranteed spot in the jury of the next contest
    – You will go on a completely arranged trip to Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans.

About the Design - FAQ

  • Your design does not have to be a professional design at all; it’s all about your creativity and the story behind your design. It can be a scribble on a coaster, it can be a full InDesign document; whatever gets you going. Once the design gets chosen to go through to the semi-finals, Libbey’s technical experts will help making the design technically feasible.

  • We feel it’s essential to know the whole story: why do you think this combination of drink&glass is so remarkable? Why is there nothing like this out there yet? So, yes! Tell us your story. And do not forget to name your glass design.

  • You can submit your documents in .jpg, .doc, .pdf, .jpeg, .gif, .xls, with a max of 10MB.

  • You can define the boundaries of your own design. Go crazy or keep it modest. The only requirements we set is that it needs to hold your drink and one should be able to drink from it. And of course it needs to be made of glass.

  • You will get a confirmation email when we receive your admission.

  • Please contact the organization via

  • All final designs will be owned by Libbey. The winning glass will be taken into production and distributed all over the globe. It will be named as the winner proposed and there will also be a referral to the winner.

  • Libbey will craft the molds for the design for production and will be the owner of the molds. Unfortunately participants cannot claim ownership regarding the design, mold or sales afterwards.

  • Yes, but only of the 6 final designs.

  • We encourage social sharing, but we warn you to not give away too much since it is a tough race.

Semi-Final & the Final - FAQ

  • From all the applications 25 contestants will go through to the second round (Master Classes). There will only be 6 spots for the finals.

  • We want to make sure we select the best designs; this is why we do not make a pre-selection per country.

  • After the semi-final you’ll be a Glassologist. You should be able to finalize your design to enter the final selection round in your claim to fame.

  • We will inform you with a personal email and the status of your personal account will be updated to semi-finalist.

  • The semi-finals will provide you information about our factories, techniques and possibilities and includes a factory visit. Also Libbey’s marketing / design team will inspire you with presentations to finalize your idea and drawing.

  • The semi-finals will be held in our EMEA production locations, the factory in the Netherlands and in Portugal.

  • If the semi-finals place outside of your city, Libbey will take care of travel arrangements.

  • If you need to travel outside your city to attend to one of the activities, Libbey will organize travel arrangements.

  • The finals will be held in Amsterdam.

  • At the final you will showcase your design and present your concept of the ultimate drink experience with your own glass.

  • There is a good chance you will be filmed or photographed during the contest. By signing up for this contest you agree to participate in any publicity associated with Glassology. Any copyright in photographs, images or film that contain you in connection with Glassology belong to Libbey and can be used in any media across the world, at any time, without restriction.