Yochen Verbeeck from Belgium has been named the winner of the second edition of the Glassology by Libbey design contest.

The finals were held on May 28th during the Perfect Serve Bar Show, Amsterdam.

The Glassology Finalists

The Glassology Finalists

The day started with the six finalists taking the stage to present their ideal drinking experience, culminating with the drink being served in a replica of the glass they have designed.

After a tough judging session the judges agreed that Yochen Verbeeck deserved the trophy. Simon Difford had the honour to announce it during the after party, which took place at Roses by SAL in Amsterdam.

The winner

Belgium bartender Yochen Verbeeck has been working at Cocktails at Nine for the past months. . He describes himself as a perfectionist with a great passion for the cocktails scene, which combined with his will to learn, makes the perfect match for a Libbey Ambassador.

The inspiration for Yochen’s design, The Gatsby, comes from the connection of:

o Art Deco, that features curving forms and smooth polished surfaces, combining modern styles with fine craftsmanship and rich materials that represented luxury and glamour;
o The Gatsby novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, that refers to the roaring twenties in New York;
o The vase always full of flowers at Yochen’s Grandmother’s house.

The winning Glassology design

The winning Glassology design

“I incoporated my love for art and history in my design. I really wanted to keep it simple and let the glass speak for itself.” Yochen Verbeeck

The international jury with Sandrae LawrenceTara GarnellDiego FerrariRobert SchinkelFrauke Timmermans and Simon Difford focused on finding that perfectly polished design, which outweighed the other five in terms of creating a drinking experience that remains long after the last sip of the drink. The jury praised his design for being beautiful and having a fantastic back story.

“Yochen presented us with a beautiful glass, a compelling back story and even filled his glasses with a couple of great tasting cocktails. A well-deserved win in a closely fought competition.” Simon Difford, jury of Glassology

As the winner, Yochen will receive 250 pieces of his glass design, will be one of the members of the jury in the next edition of Glassology and will act as the Glassology Ambassador at the renowned Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans.

Glassology Winner Yochen and Robert

Glassology Winners Yochen and Robert

When my name was announced I couldn’t believe it! I was very, very happy. Just to know that my glass is going in production is amazing. I’m looking forward to show the real glass to my grandparents. What I like about Libbey is that is not only a business, it’s a family, and I’m really happy that I’m in that family right now. I couldn’t imagine a better night! My family was there, the Libbey family was there, so one of the best nights of my life.” Yochen Verbeeck


Leading experts in design, spirits and hospitality will judge your claim to fame.

Simon Difford

Founder of the DiffordsGuide.com

Sandrae Lawrence

Creator - The Cocktail Lovers Magazine

Diego Ferrari

Founder of the Cocktail Art Facebook Group

Tara Garnell

Drink Stylist

Robert Schinkel

Winner 1st Glassology Design Contest

Frauke Timmermans

Creative Director Libbey EMEA

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  • Since 1818 Libbey has been the glassware brand for professionals. Libbey produces glass tableware in 5 countries and sells their products in over 100 countries. More than 1 billion pieces are produced and sold every year. The Libbey brand is an authentic brand that feels very strongly about quality and is known for its durability. Libbey offers the most extensive line of glassware in the industry to serve all the needs of each market. Professionals choose Libbey because they can spend an entire career trusting on the glassware.

  • The selection of the right glass has become equally important as the drink it contains. That is why glassware brand Libbey introduces those who work in the high-end drinks industry to Glassology by Libbey. Glassology separates drinks professionals from masters; it provides them a worldwide society and an online community that helps them move further, learn, connect, meet up with peers and get inspired. They are invited to participate in the Glassology design contest, with the chance to have their own glass design taken into production. With Glassology they enter a new guild. Because, in the end, it’s the glass that brings it all together.

  • The Glassology Design Contest focusses on bar professionals from the whole of Europe, South-Africa, Middle-East, Australia and New-Zealand. We do offer 1 wildcard to the semi-finals for the rest of the world, but only if the submitted design is truly one of the best 25 designs. The contestant has to be over 21 to participate in the Glassology Design Contest.

  • Your design does not have to be a professional design at all; it’s all about your creativity and the story behind your design. It can be a scribble on a coaster, it can be a full InDesign document; whatever gets you going. Once the design gets chosen to go through to the semi-finals, Libbey’s technical experts will help making the design technically feasible.

  • Your design will be judged on the following selection criteria:

    Is it an unique glass/shape?
    Does it fit any cocktail trends?
    Does the glass look nice?
    Does the glass have specific glass features


    Which drinks can be made in the glass?
    Is it more than just a cocktail glass?

    Is it sellable / based on market needs or trends / target audience / longevity / extendable?

    Libbey core values:
    Does it fit the Libbey standards?

    Does the cocktail fit the glass?
    Quality of the cocktail.

    Presentation of the glass, cocktail, personality, understandability, etc.

    Name of the glass.

  • Your design will be taken into production and distributed all over the World.
    – Your name, together with the glass name you created will be name used in the production and communication.
    – Libbey will provide you with 250 pieces of your own glass.
    – You will have a guaranteed spot in the jury of the next contest.
    – You will go as a Libbey Brand Ambassador to Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans.


Previous competition

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On the 17th of May, during Lisbon Bar Show 2016, Robert Schinkel from The Netherlands has been named the winner of the first Glassology by Libbey design contest.The competition that promised to not only separate the great bartenders from the true drinks professional, but the drinks professionals from the real masters, came to an end with thrilling finals. 357 international bar professionals from all over Europe signed up for the competition; six finalists competed with Schinkel raising his glass as the winner.The jury praised his design for being trendy and iconic and praises Schinkel for raising a new standard for the future.


The inspiration for Schinkel’s design comes from the tulip. In the Golden Age, this flower was one of the most expensive products on the market.This period of time wasn’t just a Golden Age for the Dutch, but also for punch. British sailors who traveled from East to West made this liqour on a basis of rum and the herbs and ingredients to which they had access. They brought the recipe back to Great-Britain, where punch became a popular drink. Schinkel chose this liquor to be the perfect match for his tulip shaped glass design.



After the conclusion of the finals, Schinkel, obviously, proposed a toast on his win with his own glass. Libbey will take his design into production to be sold globally later this year. As the winner, Schinkel will receive 500 pieces of his glass design and will go on a trip to the Tales of the Cocktail festival in New Orleans as a Libbey reporter this July.

‘This is a wonderful price, in an amazing competition. I’m very grateful to Libbey and the fact that they asked the opinion and vision from the people inside the spirit industry. At the moment I’m just very happy! – Robert Schinkel

‘Robert and his concept are a perfect match with Libbey; he constantly wants to develop himself. His design is modern, but timeless. The glass stands out in every bar and tells a story with a link to the Dutch history. It truly connects people in an authentic way. Roberts presentation was personal, passionate and confident. He was the perfect candidate to set a new standard.’ – Frauke Timmermans, Design Manager Libbey